Do the Thing That Scares You

Do it scared. In this life there are so many clubs that we join without want or desire. We are involuntarily thrown into this club based on tragedy or trauma. In a time of uncertainty it can feel like the walls are closing in and everyone you know is being assigned their club’s all access [...]

When A Friendship Abruptly Ends

In this life, one thing is certain. Loss. The past couple of years I’ve taken some pretty bad losses. I lost my stepdad, who was one of my biggest cheerleaders. Though his death was completely unexpected, I knew it was final and I could grieve and people would understand that grief comes with a loss [...]

Transracial Adoption & Confronting My Own Biases

I walked into the lobby and pushed the arrow for the elevator. The metal doors slid open and a black man was standing inside. He had baggy pants on, dreads and a flat-billed baseball hat.  Eyes wide, I quickly scanned the situation.  Is he grabbing his waist band? Does he have drugs on him? What [...]

“I’m not black.”: An intimate look at blackness

My oldest son scrunched up his nose and said, “I’m not black.” I was immediately filled with anguish and dread. My worst fear was being realized. I have been having race conversations with both of my boys for as long as I can remember. Sometimes because I had to and sometimes just to have an [...]

The Ugly Truth About COVID Co-Parenting

Alright friends, buckle up because I'm going to give this to you straight with no chaser (I've always wanted to say that). Co-parenting is tricky business, with or without a pandemic. There's constant shuffling of children from one house to the next all while trying not to unintentionally step on a landmine filled with your [...]