When “what you signed up for” is more than you can handle

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity.

The glitz and glamor. Fancy cars, and multi-thousand dollar borrowed dresses.

Dinners I can currently only dream of affording. I assume rich people food tastes different for us average folks.

What would it be like to regularly have a chauffeur or hop on your private jet to get to another state or country without hassle?

I’m genuinely curious about what it would feel like to live that kind of charmed life.

Then I think about the flip side. Can you imagine the scrutiny?

It seems like the general population forgets that celebrities are actual living people with the same emotions we all have. We see this play out in real time often.

I sit and think, how on earth it must feel to know that your darkest secrets are a keystroke away. Your deepest insecurities ready to be stripped bare at the whim of someone else’s curiosity.

Can you imagine nearly 7 billion people having access to something you haven’t even told your mother or your spouse and not having enough warning to inform them of the bomb that’s about to drop?

No time to deal with your own emotions and the emotional fallout from the people closest to you before a camera is in your face or there are droves of people online demanding your response.

We sometimes hear how they signed up for this sort of voyeurism, but did they?

They signed up to act.

They signed up to sing.

They signed up to write.

They signed up to be talk show hosts, or athletes.

They hit the talent lottery and did the work to make a living from that talent.

They didn’t sign up to be picked apart, but somehow it comes with the job.

And we sit around waiting for them to falter so we can pounce dripping venom from our finger tips.

It’s almost as if we expect them to be dolls wrapped in cardboard and cellophane. Sitting pretty until someone decides to play with them.

And playing with them sometimes ruins their personal or physical lives.

Marriages breakdown.

Self harm or suicide occurs.

Real people have real consequences and it’s often painful to watch.

I’ve heard people discuss how disappointed they were about recent celebrity news only to go on and mock the celebrity relentlessly because they dared to live their life differently than the public expected.

People talk about celebrities being too thin or too large. Saying they should be happy and proud of themselves, but not like that.

Be proud the way I think you should be proud.

Lose weight the way I think you should lose weight.

Look healthy, but only the way I think you should look healthy.

Handle your separation or divorce the way I think you should handle it.

Only bring people in your bed that I would approve of.

This whole voyeuristic mindset, bordering on unnecessary cruelty has never sat right with me. Even as a child I questioned people’s deep interest and strong, often harmful opinions of people they don’t know personally.

Maybe I’m alone in this thought, but take a moment to put yourself in their position.

Sure the money would be great, but the world strips you of your humanness all while demanding they turn the key in your back so you can keep them entertained.

It’s time we extend our kindness and grace to everyone. Not just those in our physical reach.

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  1. I love this one so much! I completely agree and I’ve been saying this for years, much less eloquently of course!

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