One Day Normal Will Return

One day normal will return. When things go back to normal, the birds’ songs will sound a little sweeter. Hugs will feel a little tighter, and smiles will look a little warmer. When things go back to normal, visiting relatives will feel like a vacation. Tears of joy will come a little quicker and love will [...]

The Ugly Truth About COVID Co-Parenting

Alright friends, buckle up because I'm going to give this to you straight with no chaser (I've always wanted to say that). Co-parenting is tricky business, with or without a pandemic. There's constant shuffling of children from one house to the next all while trying not to unintentionally step on a landmine filled with your [...]

Dear School Districts, It’s Not the Access

Dear School Districts, I'm writing to let you know that some students' failure to complete work is not about access, it's about disruption and anxiety about the future. Some students have parents that are still working who do not have the time or energy to then teach their child lessons that are to be learned [...]